Kiwi singer Margaret Urlich dies of cancer, aged 57 – صحيفة الصوت

New Zealand singer has died on August 22. She was 57.

She was surrounded by family at home in New South Wales, Australia.

The singer had been battling cancer for two-and-a-half years.

Urlich was one of New Zealand’s most successful artists, beginning her career as the frontwoman of Peking Man.

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She later joined female vocal supergroup When the Cat’s Away, whose number one hit Melting Pot made them a household name.

Last December, the group was inducted to the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame.

Urlich had a string of solo hits, including Escaping, Number One, and Burnt Sienna.

Her vocals on The Horses with Daryl Braithwaite sent the track to the top of the Australian Top 10 charts for 12 weeks in 1991.


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