Canadian Snowbird aircraft ‘incident’ reported at northern B.C. airport-صحيفة الصوت


First responders were called to the North Peace Regional Airport in Fort St. John, B.C., on Tuesday afternoon to respond to what officials are describing as an “aviation incident.”

In a social media post, the Fort St. John International Air Show said the aircraft went down during takeoff.

Canadian Armed Forces Public Affairs Officer Major Trevor Reid confirmed Tuesday an incident occurred involving a Snowbird aircraft.

He said two Snowbirds were in town for the air show over the weekend.

Reid said it’s too early to say what caused the incident and an investigation is underway. It’s unclear how long the investigation will take, but he said the results would be made public.

According to Reid, the pilot did not sustain physical injuries. 

In a statement, the City of Fort St. John says by the time firefighters arrived, the fire had been extinguished by the airport’s fire department. 

“Despite all of the safety precautions that are taken, incidents do happen and it’s heartbreaking in the air show world,” the Fort St. John International Air Show said. 

Officials are asking local residents to avoid the area as emergency crews continue to work.


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