Canada added 40,000 jobs in August — but it added 100,000 more people, too-صحيفة الصوت


Canada’s economy added 40,000 jobs last month, about twice as many as expected, but also only about half as many as would be needed to keep up with population growth.

Statistics Canada reported Friday that while the economy added jobs, the country also added about 103,000 new people. So despite the mini-surge, the employment rate — the percentage of adults who are actively in the workforce — actually declined by 0.1 percentage points, to 61.9 per cent.

Economists had been expecting the economy to add only about 20,000 jobs, and a few were even calling for a decline, which would have been the second contraction in a row in the job market.

Professional, scientific and technical services added 52,000 jobs, and the construction sector added 34,000.

On the flip side, the education sector lost 44,000 jobs, while manufacturing lost 30,000.

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