Untreated wastewater again being released into harbour, Halifax Water says-صحيفة الصوت


Halifax Water is again asking people to stay away from Halifax harbour and flush less.

In a news release Sunday night, the utility said a wastewater pump failure is causing “screened but untreated” wastewater to be released into the harbour.

“Residents and visitors are strongly advised not to go swimming or participate in recreational activities requiring water contact in Halifax Harbour until further notice,” the release said.

The utility is asking people living in Larry Uteck, Park West, Clayton Park, Fairview and parts of the west and north- ends of Halifax to reduce the amount of water they flush and pour down their drains.

Halifax Water is asking customers in the highlighted areas to reduce the amount of water they are flushing and pouring into their drains. This will help minimize the potential amount of wastewater released into the environment, the utility says. (Halifax Water)

“This will help minimize the potential amount of wastewater released into the environment.”

This comes just over a week after the utility said its Duffus Street wastewater pump had returned to normal operations after another failure caused untreated wastewater and stormwater to flow into the harbour.

A pump at the facility was replaced after that failure, said Halifax Water spokesperson Jake Fulton.

“This replaced pump is now running into some issues and our crews are working as quickly and safely as possible to restore it back into service,” Fulton said.

Fulton said it’s too early to tell what caused the issues with the replacement pump, and he could not provide an estimate of when the issue would be resolved.

Halifax Water said Monday morning it will provide an update when it has restored the wastewater system to normal operations.

“To ensure the safety of our communities and our staff, please maintain a safe distance when Halifax Water staff or contractors are working in your area,” the utility said.


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