I live in an apartment without AC, like many of us I’m sure. As we have all noticed, it’s hot as hell this summer and most summers, so I spend a lot of time with my windows open. Unfortunately, my neighbors below and next to me are both heavy smokers. We all have small balconies which are quite close together. Naturally, the neighbors smoke on their balconies which makes sense. However it means that I have to choose between having my windows open or having half my apartment smell like cigarette smoke as the smoke wafts directly into my living room and dining room.

I know they are at home and can do as they please, but my quality of life is being affected by their habit. I haven’t talked to them yet and I don’t know if I should. Is there anything I can do? I’ve thought of asking the management company to pay for an air filter since they were the ones that approved smoking tenets, but that seems far fetched.

Sidebar: why do so many people still smoke here?


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