Reward for good citizen – The Marshall Islands Journal – صحيفة الصوت

Journal front pages from 1987, 1998 and 2009.

Journal 6/12/1987

P5 Reward for pampers If you know know who was driving a green 4-door sedan Sunday morning with license number 0798, tell her she is the lucky winner of $15 from Majuro Atoll Local Government. The reason for this mystery woman winning $15 is that she was observed by a spy for the local government at the Majuro Dump and she was seen discarding pampers in the dump. “This is the kind of good citizenship we wish to reward,” said a spokesman for the local government. The local government wants to reward someone as an example for all citizens to appreciate. “We might have our spy hiding in the dump at any time looking for other good citizens to award, so everyone should be sure to take their plastic diapers there to get a chance to win some money,” he said. The MALGov official said the woman driving this vehicle should go to the newspaper office to collect her $15.

Journal 6/12/1998

P1 Wilfred’s warning With photos of Presidents Clinton and Reagan flanking him, Majuro Senator Wilfred Iroaki Kendall issued his warning to Majuro residents. He said it’s time for Majuro residents to “wake up” to the fact that land is being lost at an alarming rate and nothing is being done about it. “I’ve lost 10 feet of lagoon front land at my place,” Kendall said. “And much more has been lost at the end of Laura. Both nature and development activities are affecting our shoreline.”

P2 Rummaging pays off The needed part to fix Majuro’s sewer system still hadn’t arrived as of earlier this week, but fortunately an enterprising water company worker located a usable replacement at the old Public Works dump and installed it late last week, allowing both sewage and fresh water systems to be turned back on. Majuro’s sewer system became desperate this month. Water company staff had a tanker standing by to begin pumping out sewage from the underground pipes and truck it to the outfall point in Delap if it looked like sewage was going to overflow into the streets. The search in the former Public Works area in Delap turned up an elderly, rusted bearing — but a few hours in a bucket of oil restored it to at least temporary working condition. It was installed and both salt and fresh water systems were turned on last Thursday, the first time in more than a week. Why didn’t MWSC have parts on hand for the sewage pump? Because every one of the sewage pump stations has different model pumps, motors, voltages and transformers. It could cost a fortune to stock parts for the entire sewer system, said Manager Billy Roberts.

P17 Rongelap cleanup moving A survey trip to Rongelap Atoll in August will kick off nuclear cleanup and rehabilitation efforts for islanders who have been living in exile for 13 years. Pacific International Inc. was chosen as the best bidder for the approximately $8 million first phase rehabilitation project on Rongelap Island.

Journal 6/12/2009

P1 Likiep’s internet express For the first time in the history of the Marshall Islands, Likiep Atoll this week has internet and long distance telephone service. Confirming this historic development for the northern atoll, Likiep Mayor James Capelle and T&C official Carthney Laukon sent emails to RMI and other officials Wednesday morning from Likiep. Bruce Best from the University of Guam flew out to Likiep earlier this week with Laukon and other T&C staff to do the final installation of equipment, after experimenting with the system late last week in Majuro to ensure everything was in order.

P2 Michelle to run PII’s new Guam wholesale firm Pacific International Inc. has extended its holdings in Guam, with the recent purchase of the Diamond Ko Ltd. wholesale operation. “We have been active in Guam for over 25 years but this is the first time we have gotten into this particular type of business in Guam,” said Michelle Kramer, general manager of PII’s new Guam business.

P32 Musical interlude The Marshall Islands Music & Arts Society in cooperation with Marshalls Broadcasting Company are dedicating Channel 18 this Sunday to showcase a classical music performance by the famous Marshallese Churchill twins.


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